Street Team

 This is where you sign up to be a part of my 
What is that?
Well, it's a group of people that follow an author and help her get the word out.

What would I have to do and what does that entail?
Spreading the word (Tweet or Post, whatever) when...
-There's a new release
-There's a giveaway going on or a sale
-Teaser Tuesdays or Teaser pics or release info that is shared
-There's any big news for the author or your favorite series by her
-There is a contest or poll where you can vote and share

Other things you can do
-Post HONEST reviews for the author's books that you've read on book sites 
-Take swag\material to your local libraries or festivals.
-Recommend the books that you enjoyed
-RT important tweets or SHARE important FB posts, etc.
-Try to buy new releases on release day! Every little bit helps!

What do I GET in return for signing up to help?
-You'll know about things before anyone else
-Specific giveaways that are only for my team
-First chance at ARC giveaways 
-Get to see sneak chapters and teasers before anyone else 
-Get sneak chapters that no one else will see before the release
-Movie news and casting before anyone else
-See cover reveals before anyone else
-Special swag just for my team
-Blog button just for my team

Just sign-up here and that's it!
Thank you SO much!

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